The User Facing Developer

In an earlier post, I outlined why I think that there is value in enterprise developer specialization.  I concluded that there are four emerging classes of developers: User Facing, Mobile, Business Logic and Data, and Operations. User Facing developers are often called “front-end” developers and are responsible for what the users see.  They are concerned with…

Is it time for developers to specialize?

I can remember a time that being an enterprise developer involved knowing one major technology.  For me, that was Java.  We wrote monolithic applications in Swing, and deployed by running an installer on the desktop.  User data was stored in files and sharing meant putting data on a floppy disk and handing it to a…

Quick Thoughts On Estimates

I have been thinking a lot about estimates lately. As software developers we are asked to give estimates all the time.  It’s part of the job.  For me, it’s a hard part of the job.  I can never seem to get them right even when I am meticulous in my process.  I usually forget or overlook something. With […]

Becoming A Better Software Engineer

A Little Background As software developers we solve problems for people.  A client comes to us and asks us to create solutions.  It is our job to take our knowledge and experience to deliver the best product for their needs.  Like a carpenter, a painter, a surgeon, and yes even like an engineer we have […]

Pooka Pets Released On iOS

Pokey Toad Studios has released on the Apple App Store!  We are really excited about this app and have big plans for it.  Check out the announcement over on; you can also visit the Pooka Pets website.  And of course download it and love it!

Pokey Toad Studios Updating Zoodle Pad

Some great stuff going on over at Pokey Toad Studios.  Pokey Toad is now in charge of Zoodle Pad (we’ll be switching it to Pokey Toad in the coming weeks) and we are adding some great stuff.  This is a free app and fun for everyone.  Check it out.  Also check out the blog post over […]