I have started developing a new game using the Slick game library.  It’s a simple game of moving around blocks to put them into the correct spots.  I haven’t got very far, just a working example with two blocks, but I am pretty excited.  In the screen shot you simply move the red and green squares into the big yellow one.   When one of the smaller squares is fully inside the yellow square it shrinks and spins.  When both squares have been put in the yellow square, you win.  There is some collision detection.  You can’t go off the screen and you can’t go through any of the little squares.   No big deal.  Pretty simple.   I have plans of making it bigger though.



One thought on “Push

  1. Chad, this is your old friend Emily (Miller) who you haven’t been in touch with in 10+ years! I just got my Beatles Rock Band in the mail today and it made me think of you and how great you rocked those Beatles songs back in high school! Shoot me an e-mail and I’ll give you a link to my blog so we can catch up! It is Gmail — emilym56

    I would have just sent you a Facebook Friend request, but apparently you don’t have a profile there. Bah!

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