Dynamic Languages

In the last few days I have started looking into dynamic computer languages such as Ruby, JavaScript (I’ve done JavaScript before, but never took the time to “learn” it), and Groovy.  The one thing I really like about them so far are closures.  The idea of encapsulating code and environment into a variable is so amazing to me.

This little snippet is taken from the mozilla site.

function makeAdder(x) {
 return function(y) {
 return x + y;

var add5 = makeAdder(5);
var add10 = makeAdder(10);

print(add5(2));  // 7
print(add10(2)); // 12

the variables add5 and add10 become closures for the code and the environment, meaning they retain the local variable values! People are talking about the need of closures in Java, and I agree for no more than they are fun and very convenient. I hope they get them. I am thoroughly enjoying that feature in these dynamic languages. I am looking forward to exploring these more.


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