More Game

I stayed up late into the night working on my game, and in it I want certain sprites, when touched by the player, to go to a certain spot in the HUD and stay there;  I apparently need to learn more about vectors and the math associated with them.  So for now, they are just going to magically appear there with no seeking.  Eventually I will.


The game is coming along well; I have a system using Tiled map editor to create the levels and actionscript code to put them on the screen.  Pretty slick.  I am using flixel, which makes it incredibly awesome and easy, and for the basic tile map import I am using code from this guy.  I have enemies in the game, some things to help you out, and (the best part so far) sound effects.

Coming along!


3 thoughts on “More Game

  1. Glad to see someone else uses Tiled. I am using the same import code in FlashPunk.

    As for the sprites showing up in the HUD have you tried setting the scrollFactor to 0? That will make them not move with the camera anymore. Hope that helps.

    1. yeah I like tiled and it is a lot simpler than Ogmo and even Dame plus it does what I want. As for the sprites in the HUD, keeping them there wasn’t the problem, it was getting them there in a smooth manner instead of just putting them there by setting x and y. And like I said, I still have a lot to learn about physics, etc, which is why I like flixel so much, it has basic platform physics already built in. However, there is a lot more I like about FlashPunk but no built in physics that I can see yet, and thanks to your code, I can now get into FlashPunk with less headaches, so thanks for that! Any restrictions on me using it?

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