Is it time for developers to specialize?

Kevin Hickey's Blog

I can remember a time that being an enterprise developer involved knowing one major technology.  For me, that was Java.  We wrote monolithic applications in Swing, and deployed by running an installer on the desktop.  User data was stored in files and sharing meant putting data on a floppy disk and handing it to a colleague.  Eventually, critical projects started storing data in networked databases using Oracle or MS SQL Server.  We learned SQL.  Around the same time, backing up our source code to a network share went out of style in favor of version control systems.  We learned CVS or SVN or Perforce (and learned hard lessons about Source Safe).  When the web arrived, we had to pivot from Swing to HTML and JSP, and would copy-paste some Javascript into our pages for some scrolling text or other fancy animation.  We were full-stack developers, learning quickly to grasp the…

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