The User Facing Developer

I agree with what Kevin is talking about here specifically the lack of investment on the enterprise software side. “User Facing developers have to show mastery, efficiency and delightful user experiences to get that work back.” is right on. Most enterprise software as opposed to consumer facing software doesn’t need to be fancy or even responsive at times. At least, that’s not seen as valuable …. yet. Kevin will be live on Facebook 4/5/2016 @8PM CDT talking about this stuff.

Kevin Hickey's Blog

In an earlier post, I outlined why I think that there is value in enterprise developer specialization.  I concluded that there are four emerging classes of developers: User Facing, Mobile, Business Logic and Data, and Operations.

User Facing developers are often called “front-end” developers and are responsible for what the users see.  They are concerned with technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and their related tools, libraries and frameworks.  Their work has more to do with visual presentation and workflows than with business rules and business logic.  These developers often work with UX designers to help bring their designs to life, and might have UX skills themselves.

While that might seem like a light burden, User Facing developers face some real challenges. First, their world changes rapidly.  It seems like every month brings a new JavaScript framework, CSS library or grid layout that becomes the go-to for front-end development.  Second, they…

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