Check That Build


Today I didn’t follow procedure.  Today I didn’t do a simple thing that would have saved a potential “Uh Oh” moment.  What was my offence?  What grave sin did I commit?

I didn’t let the build finish before a bug fix branch was merged into the develop branch.  

Oh the horror! Yes it was only a development branch and not production, but certain build errors can have frustrating consequences which cost time which equals money which means your perceived worth  can be diminished.  The bottom line is you should only deliver your best, and this wasn’t my best.  “You’re being too hard on yourself,” you may be saying to the screen (put it in a comment; start a discussion); perhaps I am.  It is after all past midnight and I could be delirious.

What if it was

This was a simple mistake with no real side effect to be sure, but I think the story speaks to a larger point.  As a developer I need to be deliberate in everything I do.  I can’t cut corners either intentionally or by mistake.  What if the merge was into production?  What then?  Can being cautious even in trivial matters save you later?  You betcha!  Developing and nurturing solid and practical skills and processes in small tasks will help to ensure you exercise those skills in larger tasks. And that discipline could save you a lot in time, money, and reputation.


One thought on “Check That Build

  1. This lesson can also be related to real time life choices. ..home ,work,and spiritual! !
    I love your thought provoking lesson !

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