News From Pokey Toad

I work at a new(ish) game studio called Pokey Toad Studios.  This studio spawned in an interesting way, which I’ll write about later (I think), but right now I want to share a link to a post over on the Pokey Toad blog about an upcoming game/social experience we are doing with the author Obert […]

Quick Tip: Autocomplete for Javascript in Visual Studio

The Web Recently I have been doing a lot more web programming with the company I work for and I have really been enjoying it.  I’m stretching myself again learning new things about html, css, and javascript and how to do them all better.  I have learned things like self executing functions,  more about scope […]

Pesky IE (8) and Fix

A client I am working with to modify an existing web site tells me that IE 8 is the third most popular browser used by their customers. Oh boy. Internet Explorer likes to do things their own way, but go back a few versions and I just want to cry. Anyway, IE 8 doesn’t parse […]